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3 Reasons for Painting an Office Building

July 11, 2022

If you’re debating whether or not to update your commercial space with a fresh coat of paint, we’ve got three great reasons for painting an office building you’ll want to read right away. Many businesses put off hiring office painters because they are worried about the time or the potential cost. However, with the right commercial office building painting company, those two factors don’t have to be a challenge. You can reap the benefits listed below without breaking the bank or shutting down your business for weeks.

AMC Painting provides commercial painting in Fort Collins to a variety of businesses, including offices, multi-family dwellings, educational institutions, sports facilities, retail shops, restaurants and more. Time and again, we have seen the business-boosting value of new paint, from protecting the interior and exterior of your investment, to drawing in new business and creating a better environment for your employees. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of painting an office building.

1 – Protect Your Business Investment

The most important reason for painting a building is to protect your investment. Make no mistake, building aesthetics are important. In fact, aesthetics are so important that we have included them as one of the top three reasons. However, the most important benefit that a fresh coat of paint can offer is protection. That is true for both interior paint and exterior paint. It is especially important when it comes to protecting the exterior siding of your building.

How Does Exterior Paint Protect My Building?

Commercial exterior paint protects your building by creating a barrier between your exterior walls and the outside elements. The best exterior paint for buildings will combine a variety of features to create a paint formula that makes your building able to withstand tough conditions. As a painting contractor in Fort Collins, we have seen it all. Dry rot, sun damage, mold, mildew, decay, you name it, we’ve encountered it. The one thing all of these issues have in common is that exterior paint would have helped minimize or even prevent most of these issues.

Exterior paint is formulated to withstand moisture, UV damage, chipping, flaking, cracking or rubbing away in our harsh Colorado climate. Make no mistake, the tremendous amount of sunshine we get in Fort Collins each year comes at a cost if you do not protect your building by maintaining the paint. Note: Even if you do not own your office building or business space, exterior paint can still save you money. If your lessor allows you to paint your space, be sure to do so. It will help you with costly repairs if you ever have to move to a new location.

How Does Interior Paint Protect My Building?

As with exterior paint, interior paint will also protect your building. In this case, the protection is not from the elements, but from people and pets. Interior paint protects walls, high-touch surfaces, doors and trim. The more traffic you have coming through the doors of your business, the more wear and tear your interior will have.

Interior commercial painting, much like exterior painting, creates a barrier that protects your interior surfaces from damage. In buildings with high humidity or extremely dry temperature, paint will keep your interior items from degrading. Depending on the interior surface, your commercial painting company may recommend a specialty paint that meets your unique needs.

2 – Create Curb Appeal – and Interior Appeal

Creating curb appeal isn’t just for homeowners. Business owners need to build their own form of curb appeal. Not only that, businesses need to ensure that their interior is pleasing to customers. Unlike a home, businesses typically have a steady flow of visitors. There’s no business equivalent for hiding your dirty clothes in the oven, shoving papers into a spare room or avoiding company altogether. Attract customers to your business by making it appealing to visit.

Paint Exterior Surfaces for Maximum Business Curb Appeal

With commercial interior paint, you can boost your curb appeal in several ways:

    • Express your brand and your business with color. Many commercial painting services can help you select commercial building paint colors that match your logo and your branding.
    • Create opportunities to embrace other paint trends that are extremely popular right now. For example, you can paint your entire building in a protective, neutral color and then hire local artists to create murals on your commercially prepared surface. If you have an office building or business that tends to be missed from drive-by and foot traffic, consider an eye-catching color scheme or unique color combinations to get the attention you need from potential customers. Wondering what are the best exterior paint colors for commercial buildings? Ask your commercial painting contractor! They might have some helpful tips.
    • Create great neighborly relationships by doing your part to maintain property values. Commercial building painting in Fort Collins can get tricky. We have several historic districts and covenanted business districts that require commercial exterior painting to keep these areas looking attractive. Old Town Fort Collins, for example, relies on its beautiful architecture to draw in customers to a variety of businesses. Well-maintained interior and exterior paint keeps that special feel cohesive.

Paint Interior Surfaces to Boost Your Brand, Customer Experience and Employee Morale

Every business benefits from a clean and fresh interior, whether you run an office building, an apartment complex or a retail shop in the heart of Fort Collins. Commercial interior paint can:

    • Create a brand experience that will keep your customers coming back again and again.
    • Give your building a refresh that creates a better work environment for your employees. They spend the most time in your business, which means they will benefit the most from a clean and vibrant interior. Happier employees perform better and can bring more to your business.
    • Keep your business looking professional to new clients and other companies.
    • Provide business benefits. Contact your accountant or local builder’s association. There could be a chance that painting a commercial building is a capital improvement or other type of benefit.

3 – Stay Compliant with Local, State and Federal Regulations

Owning a business requires you to stay compliant with local, state and federal regulations. Those regulations include how, when and why you paint a building. For example, if you own or rent an office building built before 1978, there is a high likelihood that it contains lead paint. In fact, many businesses and homes in Fort Collins are known to contain lead paint due to how many older buildings are concentrated in historic districts.

If you own a multi-family dwelling, you are responsible for mitigating lead paint and informing your potential tenants. Fortunately, a commercial building painter can help you mitigate by covering the surfaces that contain lead.

Other regulations are not as serious as protecting the people who use your business from hazards. In some cases, regulations may require you to paint your building every few years or use certain colors. Some cities might require you to address peeling trim or faded paint within a certain amount of time or face fines.

Hiring a commercial painting contractor will keep you compliant and help you avoid fines that could become costly later on.

Quick Tips for Getting Started with Painting Your Commercial Building

Now that you know the reasons why you should paint your commercial building, we’ve got a few quick tips to help you get started. The first is to get an estimate from a professional commercial painter. You might be asking, “How do I find reliable commercial painting contractors near me?” If you’re in Fort Collins, the answer is easy. You call AMC Painting. We provide office building painting Fort Collins companies trust to get the job done right. If you live outside of Northern Colorado, consider our sister location in Colorado Springs.

The next step is to decide your color options. Your painting contractor can help you determine the best paint for commercial buildings in your area, whether you need to withstand sun, wind, rain or snow (or, in Colorado, all four in one day).

Last, you’ll need to prepare your building. Check out our commercial painting page for more information on preparing a building for painting.

Are you excited to get started? If you’re looking for commercial painting contractors near Fort Collins or the greater Northern Colorado area, give AMC Painting a call. We’ll provide a complimentary, no-pressure estimate to help you give your building the refresh it deserves.


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