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Pre-painting Power Washing Services From AMC Painting

For the perfect paint job that looks great and lasts for years, AMC Painting provides pre-paint power washing services to make your project a fresh canvas for your new paint or stain. Whether staining your deck for summer parties, repainting your home’s exterior to boost curb appeal or dressing up a tired privacy fence with fresh new color, AMC Painting will start your project with a thorough power wash using a commercial pressure washer.

Why Does AMC Power Wash Before Painting?

There are a lot of things inside and outside the home that get cleaned on a regular basis. However, unless you are one of a select few individuals, your home’s exterior is not one of them. That means your home is at least covered in the normal film of dust and dirt that occurs when existing in the elements. That dust creates a barrier between the surface and the paint, making it difficult to adhere and resulting in blotches, patches or entire sections of the home losing paint over time. Power washing removes that film and creates a clean surface that will directly bind with your new paint.

Siding, window trim and exterior accents can create lots of tiny places for dirt to gather and hide over time. For example, run your finger along the top of one of your doors or window frames. You probably need to wash your hands now! Places like this can easily gather a large amount of dirt that would interfere with the bond of new paint to the surface and create uneven color, exposed wood or chipped paint. Additionally, horizontal surfaces like decks and porches can gather a huge amount of build-up of dirt and grime that isn’t easily removed with a broom or garden hose. Power washing forces water into those hard-to-reach spaces in siding, decks and more to remove dirt and maximize the bond of your new paint.

You don’t necessarily have to sand your entire deck for a fresh coat of stain. Oil stains or residues from grills or gardening chemicals are also not a problem. AMC’s pre-paint deck and home power washing services give your project a clean surface that is perfect for your new paint or stain selection. 

How Does Pressure Washing Work?

Pressure washing uses concentrated water expelled at a high psi to blast surfaces clean. The force of the water is strong enough to remove some of the toughest dirt and stains imaginable without requiring super harsh, environmentally damaging chemicals.

Our painting crew is trained to use commercial power washers to remove dirt and debris without harming the integrity of your home, deck, fence or concrete. Before beginning your project, a crew member will be dispatched to your location to prepare the surface of your project. After thoroughly removing dirt, leaves, peeling paint and surface stains, your project will be left to dry completely before paint or stain is applied. Power washing services are included at no additional fee as part of your painting service. 

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