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Exterior Paint Ideas: Top 10 Home Exterior Paint Colors Trending in Fort Collins

If you have been looking for ideas for your next painting project, AMC Painting’s list of the top 10 home exterior paint colors used by Fort Collins residents can help you get started. Our company paints hundreds of homes throughout Northern Colorado each year and we maintain all of our records so we can keep our finger on the pulse of what’s trending in modern color schemes.

Selecting a color for your house isn’t a task to take lightly. You’ll be coming home to the shade you select for years and you want to feel happy when you pull into the driveway. Every bit of inspiration helps when you need to make a big decision, so here is a little more from your friends and neighbors here in Fort Collins.

Top Shades of White Paint in Fort Collins

There are a lot of jokes about choosing between “shades of white,” but if you know, you know. We certainly know that there are hundreds of different white paints available. We also know how distinctly different they can be. White provides a beautiful backdrop for incredible detailing, unique trim, a statement front door or a yard full of beautiful landscaping. It looks great in downtown Fort Collins or out in the foothills of the Rockies.

Pure White SW 7005

sw 7005 pure white Top 10 Home Exterior Paint Colors Trending in Fort Collins

Pure White is a warm shade of white that gives your house a fresh look that still looks inviting. Very subtle undertones of both gray and yellow pull the shade back ever so slightly from its starker counterparts.

Alabaster SW 7008

sw 7008 alabaster Top 10 Home Exterior Paint Colors Trending in Fort Collins

Alabaster was named the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year in 2016 and its soft, warm white has remained one of the most popular Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors ever since. The neutral base that anchors this color keeps it from becoming institutional – think welcoming farmhouses instead of hospital waiting areas.

Eider White SW 7014

sw 7014 eider white Top 10 Home Exterior Paint Colors Trending in Fort Collins

Interior designers tout Eider White for its exceptional ability to pair with a multitude of the best exterior gray paint colors trending for trim and accents. It has warm undertones of pink and gray (some say hints of violet) and looks great on both siding and trim.

Greek Villa SW 7551

sw 7551 greek villa Top 10 Home Exterior Paint Colors Trending in Fort Collins

Greek Villa is another warm white with undertones that can make it appear to have a hint of beige depending on the light and location. Make no mistake, this, like all its counterparts above, is definitively white. However, it is a welcoming cozy version of the color.

Fort Collins’ Best Gray Exterior Paint Colors

Grey has been an extremely popular exterior home color over the last decade because it provides so many options not just in shade, but also in brightness. Dark gray exterior paint colors add drama without taking you all the way to the Addams family’s spooky mansion (or even to the Addams family, if you like). Lighter shades of gray exterior house paint can give you the brightness you desire without shifting to a pure white color palette.

Summit Gray SW 7669

sw 7669 summit gray

Summit Gray is the lightest of the three dark grays that reign supreme in Fort Collins. It also has the benefit of being a very straight forward shade of gray. It avoids the tendency to shift to a blue grey house paint or modern greige, holding firmly to its anchoring shade.

Westchester Gray SW 2849

sw 9130 westchester gray Top 10 Home Exterior Paint Colors Trending in Fort Collins

Westchester Gray is a darker shade of gray that gives your house a dramatic shift in shade. Some interior designers claim it has blue or purple hints but in the bright Northern Colorado sunshine, it reads tried and true as a solid deep gray.

Web Gray SW 7075

sw 7075 web gray Top 10 Home Exterior Paint Colors Trending in Fort Collins

Web Gray is the darkest shade of gray house paint Fort Collins residents love. It is a striking shade that can be used with vibrant trim colors (check out Sherwin Williams recommendation White Raisin SW 7685 to see just how unique you can get).

Neutral Exterior House Paint Colors

Neutral paint colors are great for curb appeal, making them popular exterior house colors for people who plan to sell their home. However, their welcoming tones are also nice to live in, too. Whether looking for exterior paint colors for stucco style homes, selecting natural house paint colors for an upcoming sale or simply loving those beige and greige looks, these popular neutral shades will get the job done.

Dovetail SW 7018

sw 7018 dovetail Top 10 Home Exterior Paint Colors Trending in Fort Collins

Dovetail is one of those home colors that rides the line between gray and beige, with many homeowners and interior desires categorizing it as a “greige.” Which way it leans will depend on your home and the surrounding area and lighting.

Accessible Beige SW 7036

sw 7036 accessible beige Top 10 Home Exterior Paint Colors Trending in Fort Collins

Accessible Beige is a warm shade that makes for a neutral-yet-beautiful house paint. It pairs beautifully with grays and whites, giving you lots of options for trim. It truly is accessible in its warm neutrality and it is no surprise that it consistently ranks in our top 10 exterior house colors.

Additional Dark Exterior Paint Colors

If you are looking for exterior house painting color ideas that are a little different than the more neutral palettes some FoCo residents are selecting, the last (but not least) of the 10 most popular paint colors is sure to make waves.

Naval SW 6244

sw 6244 naval Top 10 Home Exterior Paint Colors Trending in Fort Collins

Naval is an incredible deep blue shade that packs an impressive amount of color while remaining stately and classic. It looks incredible with a variety of accent colors, from yellows and beiges to bright whites or hints of burgundy.

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