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Commercial Interior Painting in Fort Collins, CO

AMC Painting provides high-quality commercial interior painting services to businesses in Fort Collins and throughout the Northern Colorado area. We are proud to be a Colorado-owned painting contractor serving fellow local business owners with quality workmanship and reliable customer service. Our commercial painters are experts in the field and highly skilled craftsmen.

Protect Your Assets. Promote Your Brand.

Commercial properties are a valuable asset that should be well-maintained at all times. Even if you don’t own your commercial space, upkeep is important to maintaining a professional appearance to your customers and your employees.

Industries We Serve

As an interior commercial painter, AMC Painting works with a variety of industries, including, but not limited to:

Multi-family homes and apartment buildings


Industrial buildings

Office buildings


Legal offices

Medical and dental offices

And more!

Commercial Interior Paint Finish Options

Thousands of color options
ShineNoneMinimal sheenSoft lusterHigh lusterHighest shine
WashableGentle cleanupGentle cleanupModerate scrubbingDurable cleanupHighest durability
Good for high-touch surfaces
Expert application


A flat finish offers a sophisticated look for low-traffic spaces.


An eggshell finish creates a formal look with a touch of shine.


A satin finish offers a higher sheen and more durability for clean-up in spaces with moderate traffic.

Semi-gloss and gloss

A semi-gloss or gloss finish offers high shine and durability for high-touch, high-traffic areas like hallways and break rooms. It also works well for trim and doors.

Commercial Interior Paint Brands and Types Used by AMC Painting

AMC Painting uses high-quality, commercial-grade paint so that your paint job can withstand the rigorous demands of a commercial environment. Our preferred brand is Sherwin-Williams; however, we do provide two additional brands upon request or when supply chain issues demand. See note below about current supply chain challenges.

We utilize paints with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) to protect the health of your customers and minimize your business’s impact on the environment. Today’s paint options have minimal risks for customers. In many cases, businesses can safely resume normal operations as soon as the paint is properly dried.

A Note About Paint Supply Chain Issues

AMC Painting has experienced its share of supply line shortages and transportation issues – much like many other home services industries. As such, we have worked hard to secure our brand and paint type whenever possible. Our team will do everything possible to help your business balance the cost to paint commercial building interiors without sacrificing quality. If we experience any complications with providing your specified color or brand, we will inform you of your options for a substitution of equal quality.


Interior Paint Colors for Commercial Buildings

When hiring a commercial painting contractor, interior paint selection is a key component of the project! Check out the most popular interior paint colors for interior commercial spaces. These are just a small sample of the thousands of options available.

* Colors may vary from monitor to monitor. Be sure to schedule a complimentary consultation to determine the best color for you.

Our Commercial Interior Painting Experience

AMC Painting has more than a decade of experience creating dynamic spaces for our commercial clients. Check out some of our favorite commercial painting projects!


What AMC Painting Customers Are Saying ….

Tips and Reminders for Preparing Your Site for Interior Painting

AMC Painting does the majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to preparation and clean-up for your commercial painting project. However, there are a few steps you can take before your scheduled appointment.

AMC Painting is not responsible for honoring any leasing agreements and must rely on the client to secure the appropriate permission.

AMC Painting recommends that businesses send communications about any potential closures or delays using multiple platforms including their website, social media, email and in-office signage. Send more than one reminder.

AMC painters carefully cover every space and object in your commercial space and treat your equipment with utmost care. However, it can bring peace of mind to relocate more valuable or sensitive items during the process.

Due to the varied weight and size of certain equipment, please check with your estimator about options.

Your AMC Painting crew can perform minor drywall repairs prior to painting. However, larger repairs should be completed before your scheduled appointment, including time for setting and curing.

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