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AMC Painting’s interior painters in Fort Collins can help you take the stress and hard work out of painting your home. We are proud to serve our friends, family and neighbors in Fort Collins with reliable customer service and quality workmanship. Our highly skilled, professional painters can transform any space in your home with speed and precision, saving you time, effort and clean-up.

Why Trust AMC Painting with Your Next Interior Painting Project?

AMC Painting was started with the goal of transforming the home services industry. Our Colorado-owned business has made it a mission to build a lasting relationship with every customer we serve. We make the process transparent and easy every step of the way so you can feel confident that we will do the job well for the price quoted. In fact, the most difficult part of your project will be selecting from thousands of premier paint colors in today’s top interior paint brands.

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Transform Your Home with a Fresh Coat of Interior Paint

The transformational power of a fresh coat of interior paint cannot be understated. If you’ve been longing for a change, it can be the fastest and most affordable way to renew your favorite spaces in your home. Here are the top rooms our customers have been revamping with the power of new paint. 

Common Spaces to Paint


The kitchen can be the priciest room in the house to remodel, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of ripping out existing cabinets and replacing them at a hefty price, many customers choose to repaint cabinets instead. The difference is dramatic!

A simple change of color can make your cabinets look brand-new without the hassle of closing down your kitchen for weeks or investing in costly new cabinets. Don’t forget the impact of new paint on the walls, too. Brighten a dark kitchen with light and fresh neutrals or create dramatic impact with vibrant jewel tones.


Much like kitchens, bathroom renovations can be quite expensive and put one of the most important rooms in your home out of commission for days – or even weeks. In contrast, new interior paint can help you achieve your goals with far less expense and inconvenience.

AMC Painting makes the change even easier. Our interior painting services include protecting the fixtures, trim, tile and tub. Our crew can also help with getting those complicated and hard-to-reach areas behind toilets or around ventilation fixtures.


Your bedroom should be the most relaxing room in your home. After all, you spend one third of your life there. New paint can dramatically improve an outdated master bedroom, turning a drab space into a relaxing oasis. Paint is also an excellent way to let your kids show off their style through every age and stage without draining your bank account.

AMC Painting uses low- or zero-VOC paint for all interior painting projects, including bedrooms. These paints are formulated to support the reduction in exposure to volatile organic compounds.


Brighten up your kids’ favorite room in the house with a fresh, vibrant coat of new paint. Playrooms are fun spaces for your kids to learn and grow. Whether selecting bold and bright tones or soothing and muted tones, you can create a playroom your kids will love.

A fun new look is not the only benefit to painting your playroom. You can also use paint to protect high-touch areas like doors and trim or the lower portions of your walls. Select a durable finish that will survive errant crayon marks or the occasional food stain.

Living Room

From afternoon entertaining to family movie night, your living room is definitely living up to its name. Make your living room the best place in the house to live, work and play with the transformative power of new paint. Choose from thousands of colors in multiple finishes that range from delicate egg shell to durable semi-gloss.

AMC Painting can help you select the right paint to complement your home’s interior and breathe new life into your high-traffic, highly used living room. We can also help with tasks like painting trim and doors with easy-to-clean paint or minor, pre-paint drywall repairs.

Specialty Spaces

Are you planning to build a man cave in the basement or a she shed in the backyard? Don’t skimp on the paint! When you invest so much time and effort into making a space your very own, every aspect should be perfect, including painting. Want orange and blue walls to show off your love for a certain local NFL team? Maybe you would like to finally have that bright purple accent wall everyone has vetoed year after year? Paint can complete these specialty spaces and make them uniquely yours.

Contact AMC Painting to learn more about your options for specialty spaces like game rooms, home theaters, spa rooms and any other space that needs an extra pop of new paint to make it shine.

Interior Paint Brands and Types Used by AMC Painting

Popular Paint Finishes for Every Project

Flat: Flat paint has no sheen and works well for low-traffic areas like formal dining rooms. 

Eggshell: Clean finish, minimal sheen. Great for low-traffic areas.

Satin: Satin blends the durability of glossier paints with a muted sheen to create a cleanable space without the shine. 

Semi-gloss: High shine with a durable finish. Great for high-touch areas and high-moisture spaces.

Gloss: This heavy hitter offers a finish that can withstand heavy cleaning, making it great for doors, windows and trim. 

Types of Paint

A Note About Paint Supply Chain Issues

Like many other industries, AMC Painting has been impacted by the supply line shortages and transportation issues. We work hard to secure your preferred brand and paint type. Should we be unable to access your selected brand, we will inform you of your options for a substitution of equal quality.

Preferred brands for substitution include:

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