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Commercial Exterior Painting

The Benefits of Exterior Commercial Paint for Your Business Project a Professional Image Residential homes are not the only buildings that require curb appeal. Your

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Interior House Painters

Why Trust AMC Painting with Your Next Interior Painting Project? AMC Painting was started with the goal of transforming the home services industry. Our Colorado-owned

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Residential Painting Services

Interior House Painting Services Transform your favorite interior spaces with a brand-new coat of paint expertly applied by AMC Painting’s talented painting crews. We can

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The Benefits of Exterior Commercial Paint for Your Business

Project a Professional Image

Residential homes are not the only buildings that require curb appeal. Your business also needs to focus on presentation to appeal to customers and create positive impressions about your brand. In industries such as residential leasing, an unappealing exterior can discourage customers from considering your location. In a corporate environment, a poorly kept office building exterior may look unprofessional and deter potential clients. Exterior paint can help your business look professional and project your pride in your brand.

Protect Your Assets from Weather and Wear

Paint is transformative and aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides protective benefits to the exterior of commercial buildings. Business owners in Fort Collins are likely quite familiar with the damaging effects of Colorado’s harsh winters and perpetually sunny days. Commercial exterior paint is formulated to withstand wet, snowy conditions, harsh UV rays and general wear and tear. These features protect commercial properties whether the exterior is concrete, wood, stucco or any other finish. Keeping your assets in great condition saves you money on repairs and keeps them saleable for prospective buyers.

Comply with Local Covenants or Regulations

Many communities require local businesses to maintain the exterior of their buildings. This is particularly true for popular tourist areas or historic districts like Old Town Fort Collins. Newer business districts can also be strict about using specific colors and finishes, not to mention consistent upkeep. Routine cosmetic maintenance on your building’s exterior also makes you a good neighbor to the homes and fellow businesses that surround you. A shoddy exterior can deter customers from patronizing more than just your business. If too many buildings on a street are in poor condition, the entire area can become a commercial blight, reducing property value, saleability and revenue. 

Industries We Serve

AMC Painting is a preferred commercial painting contractor for companies throughout Colorado. We provide high-quality painting services to a variety of industries, including:

Multi-family homes and apartment buildings


Industrial buildings

Office buildings


Legal offices

Medical and dental offices

And more!

Commercial Exterior Paint vs. Interior Paint

FeaturesCommercial Exterior PaintInterior Paint
Thousands of color options
Weather Resistant 
Warranty options 
Expert application

Commercial Exterior Paint Brands and Types Used by AMC Painting

Sherwin-Williams is the paint our commercial building painters trust as the go-to brand for all commercial building painting projects. Sherwin-Williams paints are formulated to withstand harsh weather conditions and come with different warranty options. The selection below provides a sample of your options for commercial exterior painting projects.

A Note About Paint Supply Chain Issues

Like many other businesses, AMC Painting has been impacted by the supply line shortages and transportation issues. Should we be unable to access our preferred brand, we will inform you of your options for a substitution of equal quality. Our team will do everything possible to help your business balance costs without sacrificing quality.

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