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Painting a house doesn’t just make your home look great, it protects it too! Many homeowners tend to think of house paint as an aesthetic extra. Picking your exterior house paint colors is certainly the best part of the process. Aesthetically, it truly does keep your home looking clean and neat. However, there is far more to exterior house paint than giving your home a pretty face. Behind the scenes, your exterior paint is working 24/7 to protect your home.

If you’ve been debating whether or not to freshen up your home in Fort Collins with new exterior paint, don’t just think of it as a way to boost curb appeal. Think of it as an investment in, well, your investment. Here are four ways that painting a house offers long-term protection.

Exterior Paint Protects Your Home from Harsh Colorado Weather

As a painting company in Fort Collins, we know better than anyone how well exterior paint protects your home from Colorado’s unpredictable, unforgiving climate. While you are enjoying the gorgeous sunshine on your deck or out playing in the snow, your home’s exterior paint is working overtime to battle UV rays, rain, hail, snow, dry conditions and heat. In the Rocky Mountains, that can all occur on the same day. In short, your paint is your home’s most loyal friend.

The best exterior paint is formulated to withstand moisture from snow and rain, as well as the persistent and damaging UV rays from the sunshine. Depending on the brand and the formula, exterior paint may also come with limited warranties that provide you with peace of mind that your paint will protect your home the way the company claims it will. If you live in Fort Collins, you absolutely need to consider painting your house’s exterior necessity to protect your home from harsh Colorado weather.

Prevent Mold, Rot and Mildew with Exterior House Paint

In addition to protecting your home from harsh weather, exterior house paint can also help you protect your home from mold, rot, mildew and other hidden house destroyers. Outdoor paint looks gorgeous but it is much more than a pretty face. It prevents insidious home destroyers that can wreck your home from the outside in.

Exterior mold can penetrate your home and be extremely dangerous to your family. Rot and mildew can destroy siding over time and move into the walls of your home. Damaged siding is not much use in protecting your home, especially in Northern Colorado. The best exterior paint for home exteriors protects your siding so it can protect your home. Even decks and natural wood can benefit from exterior protection. Wood stain protects decks, fences, trim and other natural wood features on your home from these issues.

Stop Pests from Invading Your Home from the Outside

Are you concerned about pests like termites invading your home from the outside? It is a legitimate concern! According to Colorado State University, termites are a growing problem in the state of Colorado. They also note that urban areas are particularly vulnerable. That means that precautions like new exterior house paint can help prevent your home from being invaded by such damaging pests like termites. This can help you save thousands of dollars in damage that most homeowners have no idea is happening until it’s too late.

Exterior Paint Protects Your Home’s Value – and Your Wallet

While home value is a less tangible benefit to exterior paint, protecting your home’s value is truly the ultimate goal in preventing the three issues listed above. You spend a significant amount of your hard-earned resources to pay for your home. It is an asset that not only houses you and your family, but provides a financial safety net too. Taking good care of your home ensures that you don’t lose equity or deter potential buyers.

It’s worth noting here that curb appeal protects your investment, too. Choose exterior paint colors carefully if you have plans to sell in the next 5-10 years. Look up timeless trends for exterior paint colors for houses or check out exterior house paint ideas on inspiration websites.

It is very important to keep your home in great condition even if you never plan to sell it. Small problems can become expensive very quickly. Preventative measures like exterior home paint stop the damage before it occurs, leaving you much-needed dollars in your wallet for other expenses. The cost to paint the exterior of a house will pay off over time. Ben Franklin’s old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is correct. In this case, a few gallons of the best paint for home exteriors is worth tens of thousands of dollars in repair.

Does Your Home Need a Fresh Coat of Paint?

If you have noticed chipping, peeling or faded paint on your home’s exterior, you may be at risk of experiencing many of the issues we’ve shared on this list.

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